Thursday, November 12, 2009

LED Flowers

This high-tech plant life does away with such petty annoyances as dirt, water and sunlight, replacing them with an ongoing thirst for electricity. Each kit comes complete bendy branches, tipped off with bright and colorful LEDs.

While these particular ones are only available in Korea and come with a 220-volt power adapter, not long later, we should be able to get it in China and Hong Kong.

Design a dramatic and elegant atmosphere in any lobby or entryway, or create a garden of light with these beautiful illuminated L.E.D. Cherry Blossom Trees. They are safe, as they emit little heat and run off low voltage UL approved adapters. Each LED is sealed by a PVC shell and can take some damp weather. They consume only little power. Ideal for indoor use or covered outdoor use. These Trees are approximately 30" tall.

· Crafted by hand, this tree glows with 200 vivid LED blossoms
· Cannot be placed in water
· UL-approved
· 12" wide, 30" tall
· Cool to the touch

About $122
Please do not water it! It won’t grow with your water!

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