Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Competition between Samsung and Vizio LCD TV

According to iSuppli Corp. when Vizio Inc maintained its leadership in the US LCD TV market in Q2, No.2 ranked Samsung Electronics Co Ltd closed the gap significantly as buyers gravitated toward its LED-backlit sets.

Samsung's share of US LCD TV unit shipments rose to 21.3% in Q2, up 3.5 points from 17.8% in Q2. This represented the largest increase of any LCD TV brand in the US in Q2. With its strong rise, Samsung of South Korea in Q2 cut Vizio's lead to only 0.4 percentage points, down from 3.6 points in Q1.

Samsung in Q2 was very aggressive in introducing and marketing its LED-backlit LCD TVs allowing it to boost sales of these sets. US consumers increasingly are warming up to higher-specification LCD TV models, including those using new LED-backlighting technology.

We estimate 2.4% of LCD TVs shipped in the US in Q2 used LED backlights, up from zero during the same quarter a year earlier. In mature markets like the US, while many consumers are moving up from their CRT or rear-projection, Projector TVs, an increasing number of LCD TV purchases are replacements of first-generation flat-panel sets.

Despite Samsung's surge, Vizio retained leadership in the US LCD TV market for the second consecutive quarter. US-based Vizio continues to benefit from its combination of low-cost and full-featured sets, combined with its high-volume retail channels, including Wal-Mart. Vizio seems to have found the right balance formula of price and features that appeals to many US consumers.

A lot of research predicts that global penetration of the LED-backlight technology for LCD TV panels will increase to almost 40% of all shipments in 2013, up from 3% in 2009.


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