Monday, November 23, 2009

LED light bulbs

More and more LED light bulbs are made for sale in Hong Kong.
We have various types of LED light bulbs, all these makers are providing choice for us, Philips MasterLED, CitiLED, Toshiba, Optiled, and some local assembly houses using good renowned LED such as SSL, K2, Seoul Semi LED, They are selling at price of HKD$138 for 5W, HKD$250 for
7 W consists of 7 pieces of K2 Leds, Cold Warm white is also available.

From what we can see, the average selling price of LED light bulb is dropping at a rate of -20% per year. I am expecting that large company will soon having it LED,replacement light bulb in volume production, plus the over demand MasterLED in Hong Kong Market.

I am using all K2 type LED replacement light bulb at home. We believe that by 2012 the ASP of a 7 W LED light bulb will be merely HKD$50.00 (approx. USD$4. That was a reasonable and affordable price for most of us.

Of course there is certain theory saying that only the LED light bulb is selling at 2X of the incandescent are able to attract for huge penetration. But I think that is a thereorical case, and 2X is far away. Probably 8X-10X will be feasible in not long later… let’s prepare for this huge market of LED replacement light bulbs to come.

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