Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OptiLED Secures Exclusive LED Lighting Distribution Deal with Philips Lighting of Mexico

OptiLED, global manufacturer of innovative LED lighting systems, announced a partnership with Philips-Construlita, a division of Philips Lighting in Mexico, further expanding the company's global reach into Mexico and the surrounding vicinity. With this deal, OptiLED LED lights will be sold in 55 major stores in Mexico and supply hundreds of other lighting distributors. In addition, Philips-Construlita will incorporate OptiLED lamps in their new Terrane product line of in-ground and submersible fixtures.

Philips-Construlita is the largest network of retail lighting stores and exclusive dealers in Mexico. This exclusive distribution deal will allow OptiLED to increase its global customer base, which has been spreading throughout Latin and South America over the past year. The partnership also speaks to the worldwide growing acceptance of LED technology as the regions are noting the products' durability, energy conservation and long life.

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