Sunday, November 1, 2009

How do you compare the technology of Sony and Samsung LED TV?

I have browsed Sony's webpage and found the message of some what like announcement on Sony comparison with Samsung and other brands so Called "LED TV"...

The LED TV products being whisked around lately (used by Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Philips, LG Electronics and Vizio) are the same type of LED backlit/edge-lit LCD TV’s Sony has in their television range. The phrase LED TV is a farce – it is a term exploited by some companies to increase the status of their brands in the mindshare of average consumers out there.
It’s unfair for Sony, who truthfully advertises their various BRAVIA products as LED-backlit or edge-backlit LCDs, which some people may pass off as inferior to a LED TV. There is no difference, though.

Sony’s LED edgelit/backlit LCD’s are just as good, if not better than the competition. Check out this handy chart showing the differences on Sony models: Refer to the above illustration on Sony's HCFL, edge Lit and RGB Direct lit backlit unit.
This is true that Sony was the first one to introduce the LED Backlit unit for LCD TV in 2005, and in fact they are gorgeous and Eye catching. The case was similar as the Betamax and VHS some 30 years ago... as a result the story told us that a better system withj technical specification does not necessarily apply that the product will be accepted as best from the consumers.

Well, this is another case Samung is winning beautifully by using the terms "LED TV" as a sales and Promotion gadget... Like what SWATCH created the bit in 1987 for his limited SWATCH...
Marketing seems the most important element in such a way to make more sales, of ocurse the product should be also within certain standard of high quality!

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