Sunday, November 8, 2009

Osram Opto creates a new warm white 104lm/Watt LED

A LED that is claimed to offer high efficacy, good colour rendering and a warm white light has been developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors.

The prototype offers three properties that are important for general illumination applications: a colour temperature of 3,000K, (at 3,000K, the light colour of the LED is similar to that of a halogen lamp). And a colour rendering index of 82 and an efficiency of 104lm/W.

The light from this warm white LED is the result of an advanced phosphor conversion process.
The combination of these properties is said to be essential for the widespread use of LEDs for general and domestic illumination.

Its colour location is precisely on the Planckian curve and the light is exactly white, showing no shift to the green spectral region, according to the company.

With an operating current of 350mA and a chip surface of 1mm2, the prototype of the new single-chip LED achieves a brightness of 124lm. This corresponds to an efficiency of 104lm/W.

Source of Information: Electronicstalk editorial team Nov 6, 2009

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