Friday, August 21, 2009

LED City

Cree, an U.S.-based Light Emitting Diode company and the City of Raleigh Durham, the anchor city in a rapidly growing metro area, announced a joint city-wide initiative to test, deploy and promote LED technology focused on a variety of general lighting applications on Feb., 2007.

The “LED City” initiative is designed to create a “living laboratory” to deliver the economic, environmental and usage benefits of LED lighting to the residents of Raleigh. The first project is focused on validating both the cost savings and technology capabilities of LEDs through an installation of LED lighting in the City’s Municipal Building parking deck.
Both Cree and Raleigh public officials expect the initiative to serve as a model for other cities that are considering implementing energy-efficient infrastructures. Now there a more than 10 LED cities including City of Toronto, Tian Jin of China, Torraca of Italy, and Gwang Ju of Korea are some of the Cities participating in this programme. The LED City is a way to promote using more effcient energy to reduce CO2 emission.

Besides, Some of the Asian country are the pioneers of supporting s Greener world by employing LED in the Cities, Singapore and Japan, a pedigree of environmental supporting countries, has been using close to 100% LED in the Traffic display and Traffic light, China has been intensively using LED for the traffic light and Traffic signage, where as Hong Kong is running backwards, there is close to 0% of LED on the traffic Light.
I am afraid that Hong Kong might be the last City to change LED for the traffic light in Asia.

On the other hand, HK Electric Lamma Power Station at Lamma Island has a total Capacity 3735MW. In 2008, power station’s coal fired unit generated approx. 83% of electricity where gas fired unit generated 17%. Hong Kong is not advance at all in term of Green Power utlization!
Every day, tons of sinter ashes are being generated and that would degrade the quality of air!


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