Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vizio First LED Backlit 55" LCD TV

The first 55-inch LED-backlit TV at the Vizio Inc. test lab in Irvine. The company's first LED-backlit sets are slated to hit the market soon with price at about $2,000 each.

LED-backlit TVs -- an evolution of the standard LCD set -- have been on the market since 2004.

Vizio, the discount electronics company that would likely become the biggest supplier for LCD TV in Northern America through its aggressive pricing, with such pricing the other competitors in the territories will have to follow or will faded out for the market. As for TV sets in USA. surprise that they can sell much cheaper than those in Hong Kong under same size, similar models. Their price is only 60% of that in Hong Kong!

Probably they have far larger retail network for much bigger sales volume, many people would not resist to buy TV from Costco and hand carry to Hong Kong. All we need to have is Step down transformer as US Voltage is 60Hz 110V whereas Hong Kong is 230V 50 Hz.

I have bought one at home for my 1967’s Mclntosh MR67 FM tuner 20 Years ago. It is Western Electric 500AV 230-110V Step down transformer, with normal loading, it is not hot, may be a few degrees above room temperature.

This year, LED-backlit televisions have accounted for less than 2.5% of world TV shipments from manufacturers. That's because they so recently came on the scene and usually cost double or more compared with standard LCD sets.Vizio's first LED-backlit set, which will hit the market in August, will be a 55-inch model priced at a relative bargain price of about $2,000. Other manufacturers have LED-backlit sets in that size for about $3,500 or more.

In the long run, the research group is bullish on LED-backlit TVs. In a report issued 26 July, DisplaySearch predicted that by 2014, shipments of LED-backlit sets would surpass standard LCDs.

Recently, Tsinghua Tongfang has released a LED TV in exhibition, who knows Hisense of Shenzhen Seven Stars and Skyworth will not participate the manufacturing of high end LCD TV light up by LEDs.

The future is LED, there is no doubt about it, the television manufacturing industry could use the shot in the arm that a new technology can provide. When the industry went from LP to CD, Cassette to MiniDisk, Analog to digital and from CRT tube to flat-panel, it drove a lot of growth because it was very exciting, that's what the industry needs, something to drive excitement, Now LCD TV with Backlit LED, will create a new product cycle.

Samsung's 46-inch model is only 29.5mm thick, giving it a startlingly thin profile. The colors an LED-backlit TV displays can be turned up brighter, making the sets stand out in a store. But not all experts agree that the flashiness of LED-backlit sets are worth the extra money. Is not just a marketing gimmick.

As LED uses less energy and, perhaps most important, doesn’t contain mercury like the florescent bulbs CCFL that light up standard LCD TVs. The eco-advantages are a key to the future of LED-backlit TVs

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