Thursday, August 20, 2009

LED for Honda Automotives

Osram Presentation Material at LED show

Automotive has been intensively using LED since 1999. Nowadays, there are 300-350 LED in a car, a Maybach is even using 528 LEDs. The use of LED brings along a lot of advantage like Saftey as LED turn on in juts 2 ns and Incandescnet may need 300 ms which is many times slower. LED is power saving vesus the use of incandescent light bulbs. If all Signal function of standard incandescent lamp were replaced with LED, the power consumption will be reduced from 206W to 40W. The lower Electrical consumption created reduction of 237 grams of CO2 emission for a distance of 100KM when comparing with Incandescent options.

Take for an instance, assume 200 hours of Brake operstion, 220 hours of tail signal and 75 hours of turning signal operation per year, A median Vehicle age of 9.7 years using Joule LED will cut 400 Kg of CO2 emission over the life of the vehicle. The lower wattage reduces the drag on the electrical system, which translates into small but measurable fuel saving. An Equivalent of an approxiamtely 20 Litre of gas will be saved a year too.

RCL Rear Combination lamps are almost LED for certain Mid range and Hi End Car. The only challenge is the Hi beam Head lamp as it has to generate as much as a few thousandy Lumen of white light under the high temperture of engine compartment. European Cars such as Audi R8, Q7 is using Philips. Mercedes Benz is consider to use LED hi Beam head lamp. DRL (day light running lamp) is Osram Gold Dragons.
On the other hand Japanese car is yet not going LED Hi beam LED head lamp until recent car show that Honda is using a conservative way of Multi LED to form the hi beam head lamp. This is not the first Example as Cadillac Escalade Platinum has been using Osram Ostar LED as the Hi and Low beam Head lamp seince end 2007.

Japanese is used to be a leader in LED design and Efficacy 12 year go, however now they have been overtaken by US and European players in term so Efficacy and design. Has been overtaken Japan as an average, except Nichia is still the world 2nd Highest Efficacy in LED emission at 145 Lm/Watt.
Recently Honda car such as CR-Z Concept, FCX Clarity and Insight Concept car has been reviewed with extensive use of LED as interior and exterior decorative LED, function LED and Signaling, As the Automotive forward lamp, they use Multi LED module. My comment on the LED layout is Gorgeous! I am looking forward that these Concept cars will be commercially available soon in Hong Kong.

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