Saturday, August 8, 2009

World First Water Cooling LED bulb

These Hydralux-4 bulbs are really nice, and the 360 degree lighting acts similarly to a small incandescent light bulb. This is pretty revolutionary in the industry as most LED bulbs are directional. As most of the LED bulb is unidirectional with limited light coverage.

Eternaleds Inc. has introduced the world's first liquid-cooled LED light bulb, the HydraLux-4, that gives true 360 degree light to finally allow consumers to maintain that "high-end" look, while getting the superior energy efficiency of LEDs. The Eternaleds Hydralux-4 LED Light bulb consumes 4W to provide the light equivalent of 25W incandescents with a lifetime of 35,000 hours.


Long Lasting at 35,000 hours.



Cool to the touch. The HydraLux-4 runs cool!
Don't know if the water will be heated up gradually and Oxidizing the component of the LED and associated circuit. Also water may absorbs some of the light emission. How Reliable it would be?

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