Monday, August 17, 2009

LED Head Lamp shall be the future illumination light source

Since 2002, LEDs have developed rapidly due to their use in mobile phones. With the improvement of LED luminescence technology, LEDs no longer rely on the mobile phone industry. They now enter the semiconductor lighting era. But due to limited Efficacy, still we have to wait for a while before that kind of higher efficacy LED 200Lm/Watt can be invented for more applications other than automotive illumination.

The Auto production was low in the past three quarters, until government subsidizing the replacement of old vehicles, Ford has announced that they will have to increase their production from 490K units to 570 K unit in the fourth quarters. This may have a positive sign of the early recovery of auto industry.
There are almost 300-350 LED in a car and Auto LED has a much tougher requirement on reliability. Naturally the sales price of the LED for Auto is higher than other application.

Currently, brake lights are the main LED application for vehicles. The market penetration rate was 53% in 2007; the figure will increase to 85% by 2011. In addition, the penetration rate of vehicle LED taillights was close to 15%, and the figure is expected to reach 38% by 2011.
Moreover, the Cadillac Escalade was the first car in the world to adopt LEDs both in its high beam and low beam lights, signifying that LEDs have entered the headlight era. Taiwan Everlight will also start the mass production of LED headlights as early as Q3 2008; their main client is China DongFeng Motor Corporation. Audi R8 with a production volume of 20 units day, hand made with the best technician who is selected from all Audi technicians.
I did see front high beam head lamp light up, with two Snow White LED beam, with the Osram DRL LED surrounding it. That light up appearance has a stunning technological outfit of powerful muscle car dressed in a fine German tuxedo. That was eye catching when it moved gracefully and slowly from the Convention Centre towards central.

Audi R8 Hi beam LED was a masterpiece of Lumileds using its TTFC Lumiramic technology, I am wondering that this might be given precedence over all other LED type in the High Power Illumination LED development.

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