Saturday, August 8, 2009

LED light bulb Q & A

Are LED bulb are rated to be used in Hazardous Condition (Class 1 division 1 areas)?

Will your LED light bulb work on a Dimmer?
No, we do not recommend using our LED light bulbs on a dimmer switch, this type of switch can potentially cause damage to the bulb. Some dimmer switches do not have a true "off" position and may continue to illuminate an LED bulb when turned all the way down because LED bulbs use so little power. Unless the LED buld is specified can be used with Dimmer.

Can your LED bulb be used with day/night Photo cells?
Due to the low power consumption of the LED bulbs they do not work with all of the photo cell light controls found in light fixtures. On some models they will not turn off and with others they may blink. Because of this we do not recommend using them with a light fixture that is activated by a photo cell. It is possible for the bulbs to be damaged from the blinking.

Why some of the LED bulb does not work properly in extreme temperature?
Any temperature below 14° F or above 122 F may cause a LED bulb to flicker, dim, change color, or cease to function. Once the LED bulb is returned to an operational environment it should began to work properly. But when the LED bulb is placed in extreme high temperature, it may not be able to function even returned to an operational environment as the electronics component may be damaged due to overheating. They should not be used in an enclosed fixture with a cover over it. This will raise the temperature and kill the electronics circuitry.

What does PAR means?
PAR is also a unit of bulb measurement. In this system of lamp identification the first number listed denotes the maximum diameter of the lamp expressed as a number of 1/8's of an inch. For example, some common sizes are: PAR-38 (4.75") PAR-30 (3.75") PAR-20 (2.5")
Most of the available bulbs currently are “medium” or “Edison” base; which means they will fit into most sockets in the US.

What is the AC voltage tolerance of your LED bulb?
That should be +/-10 % if not specified. In fact some type of the latest design works from 85-260V as they have an inverter to control the Current into the LED.

Does your LED bulb emit UV lights?
No, but you should never point an LED light into your eyes. The light is very bright and could cause damage.

Why Don’t incandescent bulb last longer than it should be?
Some incandescent bulbs do last longer but there are some downsides to them. One way to make incandescent last longer is to increase the thickness of the filament so that it will not deteriorate as quickly. The down side to this is that it takes more energy to heat the filament and the filament does not glow as bright. These types of long-life bulbs typically glow an orange color. If you purchase a long-life incandescent bulb you might find that a 100 watt bulb only puts out the light of a 75 watt bulb while it consumes 100 watts. The amount of money wasted in energy with this type of bulb means you would have been better off purchasing a regular bulb.
Another way to make an incandescent last longer is to use a rare gas called Krypton gas; and no, it does not come from Superman's home planet. Krypton gas is denser than the standard gas used (Argon gas) and helps to keep the filament from deteriorating as fast. You will find that "premium" incandescent light bulbs contain Krypton gas, but unfortunately cost more money.

Can your LED bulbs be used at outdoor?
All of our LED bulbs are for indoor use only except where noted. Technically it is possible if special attention made for the dsisgn, moreover the Mine lampo are all changign to LED as for safety purposed as it has less change fot creating fire that trigger gas insider the mine!
What is the size of the screw base of the Edison base LED bulb? The size is E-26. This size works in all common fixtures in Hong Kong.

What is the proper way of dispose of used LED bulb?
Follow your local disposal procedure for electronic products with circuit boards in them.

Do LED bulbs contain Mercury as CLFs?

Enjoy a Green Home Illumination using LED light bulb!


Lampk Lamp said...

Can you give me price for LED bulbs? Can I sell it on my online LED Lamp Shop.

Lampk Lamp said...

Can you give me price list for all you LED bulbs? I want to sell it on my online LED Lamp Shop.

Lampk Lamp said...

Can you give me price list for all you LED bulbs? I want to sell it on my online LED Lamp Shop.

LED Lamp said...

Can you give me price list for all you LED bulbs? I want to sell it on my online LED Lamp Shop.

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i am blogger only. I don't sell LED.
There are numerous sites you can find LED in the market.