Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LED should be used instead of CFL in Hong Kong's Lighting Illumination

Technology revolution that lights up LED as the future lighting source.
European, Australian and Canadian Law bans the use of incandescent lamp in 2009-2012
HK shall likely ban Incandescent of 25W-65W in 2011.

However the Government should not impose law to stop using incandescent lamps as there are certain applications that it is best fit for the purpose. As Incandescent lamp CRI is 100, whereas CFL and LED is only 80-90 only. Incandescent lamp work perfectly in colour reading or verification for printing lab and Decorative chandeliers which require a single point source of light.

CFL vapor that contain mercury is 2,000 times higher that human people can be tolerate. So when we break it in air that can be harmful to human beings when inhaling. LED seems to be the best choice for replacing incandescent lamp in term of energy saving, Life time, safety for our heath and less expensive at the end of the year.

LED replacement lamp for interior lighting is still considered rather expensive, a branded 7W LED light bulb is around HKD300. However, we can expect that the price if the lamp will drop at rate of -30% a year. So within 2 years time the ASP of a 7 Watt LED lamp will be in the range of HKD100-120. That is about three times of the CFL in similar power rating. Non-branded one is selling at even at only 30% price of the branded one in Hong Kong.

Yesterday, City University Electronics engineering faculty Hui Shui Yuen criticized HK Chief Executive Ronald Tsang should promote LED instead of CFL for Hong Kong.

I think to certain extent we need to have a long term road map for total green lighting solution, CFL may be the current majority for lighting and LED is the coming future standard! Incandescent Lamp will be less competitive comparing with LED with a price being affortable and reasonable. When more people understand the pros and cons of them and at same time LED are being broadly used, incandescant lamp will eliminate it self.


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