Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Top LED Manufacturers

The global light-emitting diode industry is mainly concentrated in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America, South Korea, China, etc. According to Yano Research 2009, Japan, the largest producer of the light-emitting diode industry in the world, holds 46.6% of the market share.

European and American is the 2nd sector of the world production 18.2%. rest 35.2% is Korea, Taiwanese and Chinese Market. Nichia Corporation is the world's largest provider of the high-brightness light-emitting diodes. Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd is the world's fourth largest and Japanese is the second largest manufacturer of the light-emitting diodes.

Osram Opto, located in the Europe and America, is the world's second largest and Osram is the largest manufacturer of the high-brightness light-emitting diodes in Europe. Taiwan, the global production base of the consumption electronic products, is mainly engaged in the production of the visible light-emitting diodes. Taiwan is also the world's largest downstream packaging and middle stream chip production base. The Rate of growth is from Korea, Taiwan and China for more than 10% on 2008 as comparing with 2007. This growth is still on!

With more than 30-year development, Chinese light-emitting diode industry has formed the basically complete industrial chains, covering the LED inside, epitaxial wafer, chip package and application. At present, China has over 600 LED enterprises specializing in the downstream packaging and application. But the development of the epitaxial wafer and chip is comparatively backward. There are only about 10 enterprises engaged in the production of the epitaxial wafer for LED, as well as few chip manufacturers. So, the yield capacity enjoys a high degree of concentration. Recently Osram has announced the open ceremony of the first LED wafer fabrication in Penang. That has been one of the ways to enlarge their LED production in Asia. And the first step to shift the manufacturing centre and technology to Asia.

With gradual improvement of the luminous efficiency and application technologies, the light-emitting diodes has been transferred from initial indicator lights to screens, such as the landscape lighting, backlight, automobile lights, traffic lights, lighting areas, etc. The application of the light-emitting diodes is now in diverse development. It is predicted that the average compound growth rate of sales of the display light-emitting diodes will be exceeded 15% in 2006 to 2010 and the annual average compound growth rate of sales of the landscape lighting will reach over 35%, with the annual average compound growth rate of sales of the backlight light-emitting diodes at more than 30%.

In 2010, many patents in the light-emitting diode industry will expire. Chinese enterprises are expected to break through the shackles of the intellectual property rights from European, American and Japanese giants. They should make good use of huge market bases and abundant labor resources in order to occupy a place in the Global LED supplier food chain.

As for technology competence, European and American is the leader in term of Lumen intensity, LED efficacy, Package design, thermal management. Taiwan is a close follower and China is the world fcatory for LED of All types including those USA and Taiwan Set-up. European LED giant is also looking for way to set-up a fcatory in China for import tax redeem purpose.

Today we can see that there is almost one new set-up factory in China for LED every week! Not to believe that is not even get a good balance in demand and supply, however this supply of LED will carry on eroding the ASP of LED, an this is the nature of every electronics component life cycle.

These are the Rank of the LED players in the world in term of revenue of LED product in 2007.

Nichia 21%
Osram 18% (European No.1)
Citizen 7%
TG (Japan No.2)
Lumileds 6.8%
Stanley 6%
Everlight 5.3%
Avago 4.6%
Seoul Semi 4.2%

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