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LED Back Lit TV and Demand for Package LED

It has been a bore consumer Electronics market in the past three years! Did you see anything new or evolutional in these past three years? Except the best hand set gadget for electronics freak, Iphone that really created a hit since the first launch June 28 2007.

New concept and probably the best product in the last decade. Close follower Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson had similar function as iPhone with touch screen and huger display. A bit disappointed to see there is no more new breakthrough on the 3G iPhone!

Hope Steve Job could recover and would bring us some more new inspiration to this electronics world of consumer products, which might trigger the whole semiconductor cycle to turn faster!

Hi End Audio products is running in extreme, such as a gold/silver power cable is selling with $3,000-$5,000, an special liquid Nitrogen chilled IEC power socket is selling at $60.00! A Value of $150 Silver Foil capacitor as one of the 50 components inside A power amplifier! A Vacuum tube mono block power amplifier is selling at $50,000 with less than 30 major components. Where as a China White Box maker can have complete DTS 5.1 system with price tag of $100.00!

Super Audio CD? MP3? There seems only lesser people is able tell the difference of hi frequency timbre on a $300 MP3 or $30 MP3 or the built in MP3 sound quality in a hand set. IPod is rather an image of American cult, beside a tool of music player.

Sony just celebrated its 30th anniversary of Walkman since the launch on 1 July 1979. At that time the mammoth Walkman was selling at $300.00 and they have produced over 40 millions so far. “Walkman” has became a Name in Handy music player and it has entered the Dictionary. Now they have to announce a launch a new generation Walkman type of MP3 player let se how it can beat the IPod!

DC that is already flooding the market with that we can get now is 12MP, 3.8" display at a price of $250.00. Three is a slim chance for a new technology that is readily help is us to have an improvement on the picture equality. Blue Ray, with of 2X better quality than the high definition DVD picture. In order to reproduce the razor edge sharpness picture formed by those millions colors video signal, that might need a super LED Back Light display panel,

What is the next vibrant product in the consumer’s electronics? That is one of the drives of people who eager to invest and produce the best Panel Display of LCD using this LED technology. General speaking, because our Human eye can distinguish much effective than our human ear can tell for the music details. There is no one to argue the ambiguity in distinguishing the difference of the display quality once you compare tgen side to side.

Samsung belief
Speed is the key to all perishable commodities from sashimi to mobile phones. Even expensive fish becomes cheap in a day or two. For both sashimi shop and digital industry, inventory is detrimental and speed is everything.
Jong-Yong Yun, CEO of Samsung Electronics

TV Gadget
LED back lit as good contract, 1D or 2D local dimming, Power saving 40%, slim display and no mercury in the back light unit.

TV makers believe that TV is more than a necessity and people are looking new technology, cost performance and a slim sleek design for Asian residence is so limited in space at living, dinning and sleeping rooms where they used to place a TV. Power saving is a long term return for electric fee and more comfortable to play when there is less CO2 emission being generated because of your TV.

Domestic illuminations accounts 22%, Air Con for 34%, fridge for 14%, and TV take as much as 7.3% of total monthly electricity bill amount. As For TV which consumes as much 7.3% of electricity, we could not underestimate the Green TV would have create much less CO2 emission every night you are watching your big screen TV! As there are billions of this picture box ( now I should say picture panel) being switched on every moment.

LCD TV shipment
The Q109 World TV shipment drop 6% comparing with last quarter Q308. Revenue of Q109 World TV slashes 12%. LCD TV shipment comparing with last quarter rose 27% but the sales Revenues of LCD TV slash for the first time.

The major reason behind is the World Economy Tsunami causes the supplier to reduce the ASP in order to stimulant the consumers

Electronic Times analyses amongst all sizes of TV, 32” is the most popular model partly due the consumer spending limitation and the price drop is most significant for this size 32” TV drop 38% in price whereas 40/42 “only drops trivial 0.5%! Comparing with last Quarter Q408, Samsung has been sales No. 1 for Consecutive 13 Quarters. With amazing market share 22% and LGI is the 2nd runner up of market share of 13% which had surpassed Sony by 2%.

LG Electronics (LG) unveiled two new ultra-slim "full LED" LCD TVs in Seoul 15 July. The new 55-inch screens –- models 55LH95 and 55LH93 respectively –- lead the market in terms of picture quality, design and convenience. LG's ambitious new product line offers a brighter and clearer screen than competing products thanks to backlighting that 3360 LEDs- seven times more than existing edge-lit LED TVs. LG's full LED LCD models also features a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio through enhanced dimming technology that divides the screen into 240 blocks with 14 Leeds being placed in one block. And with a refresh rate of 240 Hz, these TVs maintain a vibrant, smooth image even during fastest motion action picture scenes. Third is Sony, then Sharp and Panasonic as the 3rd, 4th and 5th position. From DisplayResearch, World shipment of Q1 was 4,330 Million sets. Drop 25% as Q4 08. Drop 6% as comparing with Q108. Total revenues are USD22.1B! Slash 12%.

LCD TV shipment 2,670 M sets that is 61.6% of the total TV sets produced. This is the only one growth.

Market Size of LED back light TV
Forecasting that the global LED LCD TV market will grow to 30 million units by next year and to 68 million by 2011, up from 3.1 million this year. LG is aiming to become the world's second biggest seller of LCD TVs and predicts that the proportion of LCD TVs that feature LED technology will also grow from 2.6 percent this year to 20 percent next year and to 40 percent by 2011.

Market Size 3.1 M sets 2009, 30M sets in 2010, and 68 M sets in 2011. There will be huge LED package LED demand for filling up the back lit panel of the LCD TV. It may need 2.5M LED per hour for all these LCD TV markers. by time Q409.

Price Erosion, Subcon and new comers
Obviously The Taiwan LCD people are not doing anything with this piece of fat meat in on the hot Tapanyaki plate. They will do their best to beat down the price, with volume production in such as scale that may draw Korean giant to further either outsource their LED to other people, and at same time to maintain certain level of Production for maintaining certain safety stock, base on a healthy and conservative plan, They should outsource 40% of their LED into at least three difference sources in at different locations to avoid the political instability that will incur shipment problem and to facilitate a better logistic control.

In coming 3-6 months, Korean, Taiwan or China, OEM will come up with a series of LED TV product in order to keep their LED TV cost down and to maintain good profit margin. Definitely there will be similar or much cheaper TV coming for the World factory from those big names, Skyworth TCL Changhong and Shinco…(Skyworth is China largest TV maker last year his product of CRT TV dropped 30% to 3.75M sets and LCD TV rose 100% to 2.47M sets! ) using low cost LED side lit back light unit, we can anticipate that there will be at last 5 new comers to participate with faster speed than those big players currently shipping product with a higher price tag.

China TV maker would try to pump out some non LED back lit TVs with labeled LED TV with some of the low end product line selling at lower cost. They might not have that kind of reliability and quality as the Korean and Japanese dominant players at first but within 1-2 years they will catch up and occupying bigger portion for the Low Mid end market which is usually 80% of the whole. Let’s watch out.

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