Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda Participated in Presidential Roundtable on American Innovation and Clean Energy Technology

Chuck Swoboda and other CEOs representing American companies at the forefront of innovation were invited to meet with President Obama on 2 July to discuss American innovation in areas such as clean energy and the potential benefits to the U.S. These 8 Companies is Applied Material, Cree, Dow Corning, FPL Group, Hara, Hycrete, Positive Energy and Standard Renewable Energy.

President Obama commented on his meeting: “I just held a meeting with the CEOs of some of the most innovative energy companies in America to talk about growth and progress of a sector that represents a big piece of America's economic future.”

He continued, “These are folks whose companies are helping to lead the transformation towards a clean energy future. Even as we face tough economic times, even as we continue to lose jobs, the CEOs here told me that they're looking to hire new people, in some cases to double or even triple in size over the next few years. They are making money and they are helping their customers save money on the energy front.”

Asked about the message to small businesses, President Obama remarked, “Small businesses should probably contact some of these CEOs because it turns out they can save small businesses and large businesses alike up to 20 or 30 percent on their energy usage.”

Cree, being supported by Obama government would be in a very favourable situation in further expanding his LED chips development and packaging assembly vertical integration in China.
The Tallest one stood at the last row is Chuck.

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