Monday, July 13, 2009

2nd Generation Philips Master LED

Incandescent lamps convert only the 5% of the electricity into actual light, with most of the remaining 95% being turned into heat energy. This inefficient use of energy led Philips call for incandescent lamps to be phased out. Enforced by European Legislation, this outdated lighting technology will no longer be available for consumers to buy from stores within the European Union from September 2009 onwards.

LED lamps save more than 80% energy consumption, yet they produce the same light level experience as incandescent lamps. The lifetime of LED lamps is more than 40 times longer too, making them environmentally the best alternative to incandescent lamps.

The second generation of MASTER LED will be available from April onwards in the professional distribution channel. The new range will build on the successful introduction, in 2008, of Philips’ MASTER LED range, consisting of 7 pieces of 1W Rebel LED lamp each as a quality alternative to incandescent light bulbs up to 40W and 35W halogen spotlights.
Moreover Philips provides the new Ledino and DayWave lighting system for architectural interier illumination. The Ledion has a sleek new wave design.
The Attached Pictures from top: the DayWave, Master LED and Ledino.

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