Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comparison of Different type of Back Lit unit

As we know that there is hit for LED TV, though there are different ways for the design for the back light unit, RGB direct back lit, White LED back Lit and White LED edge Lit. Samsung 9 series TV is employing Direct White LED back lit, whereas the other series 8, 7 and 6 series LED TV are all using edge type LED back lit.
As for LG, they have launched the Direct Back light LED LCD TV with thin profile. And they are the hot selling product now.

Sony and Sharp use RGB and RGBplus LED direct back light respectively.
They all have different design; complexity of the lighting control, and number of LED, cost of construction is so much different.

Attached table illustrate the different pros and cons of these different design, I do not yet have the solid data on how to calculate the Dynamic Contrast, as far as I Can tell there is not much difference from human eye to detect the contrast of 100,000:1 and 1,000,000:1 as there may have an insignificant light intensity different comparing between white and absolute darkness.

So far by right the RGB backlit is best in contrast, and picture quality, as they can be tuned up for better crimson RED if we want to, whereas the white direct back lit may not be able to change the degree of hue of the backlight. Since they are using RBG, they colour temperature can be changed by means of the computerized control.

However the RBG control circuitry is much more complex, and the circuitry, cost and power consumption is much higher.

If there is no price concern, why not buy a RGB LED back lit TV, if you are price conscious but do want to have reasonable good quality LCD TV, get a Samsung 8 Series.
If there is no concern on The Picture quality at all! Well, use your CRT TV …that may be good enough already.


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