Thursday, July 30, 2009

LED BLU LCD TV shipment 2009-2011

From the above chart. there are certain interesting data on the LCD TV.
Feom the market that we can see, the majority is still edge type for his simpler design, lower cost for less LEDs to be used and its optimized performance. Samsung is the key player at this Edge lit design.
Samsung is the No.1 Seller in LCD TV.
He is good at Edge Lit TV which is optimized for best performance, cost and probably maintenance performance over the years.

LG is coming up with Direct back lit TV and that will be 2nd hit for best seller… after Samsung Promotion campaign has come to an end by Beginning of July.

Sony and Sharp has their own RBG Direct back lit TV up to 65” that are the beautiful mammoth in your house if your wife allows.

And sooner, Hitachi, Philips, Vizio, Chinese Skyworth and Tsinghua Tongfang and Taiwan TV maker will catch up with lot of LED Backlit TV shipment.

From the shipment, we can see that the LED TV will be ten times more in 2010 than we have in 2009., The number of LED will vary from 400 for edge type back lit to 3,360 pieces or more for a Direct back lit unit. The ASP of the LED will drop about 12% a year.

The bigger the screen size, more the LED on the back lit panel. However when the efficacy is LED is getting higher and higher, the number of LED can be reduced. And I am sure that the Current CCFL TV will be replaced more by LED as for better quality, as a sales gimmick and lower in power consumption.
The penetration rate can to 10% a year, current the LED BLU TV is just 2% of the total LCD TV and reaching 3% by end of 2009. By 2010 the penetration rate will move up to 8% and by 2011 18%, and 2013 about 28%.
That will be Billions dollar business for the LED makers, LED assembly Houses.