Thursday, October 15, 2009

ASM DS520 Jetting machine

ASM has been developing a new jetting machine for the LED yellow phosphor dispensing.

The technology achieved was a result of tremendous effort in the material studies and selection of various jetting methodology.

The jetting performance varies on the silicone material characteristics. A typical Vertical Lamp application is to achieve an UPH of 50K, with jetting weight of 1.6 Grams of silicone material at variance of approx. 10% in weight.

There is certain LED players request to have some data on CIE figure on the jetting machine. However, we should be aware that the following factors would affect the CIE figure after the jetting.

1. The Die tilting

2. The wire bonding loop height variation

3. The variation of the Z height of the LED Cup (variance from 10 microns to 40 microns!)

4. The Silisone material itself

5. The jetting pump repeataibility

6. Temperature

7. Machine parameter and Set-up

They have been working along with more applications and beleive soon the DS520 will be the one of the solutions for the LED phosphor for us. Besdies, the tool is good for epxoy jetting, and underfilling for Flip Chips applications.

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