Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 5 LCD Monitor makers

While Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics increased their market share with aggressive marketing strategy in not only LCD Monitor but also TV in August, other Brands showed lowered production output in August compared to July due to stock level adjusting.

In terms of shipment market share by maker in August, Samsung Electronics comprised 18% market share by producing 2.4M units to be ranked in No.1 and Dell was ranked No.2 with 15% market share that had decreased 7% from July and LG Electronics was ranked in No.3 by adding 10% market share M/M to 13%.

With high activities in China market, Lenovo's shipment market share increased 14% M/M to 5.6% in August to be ranked in No.6 position.

Last year shipment ranking is Samsung as No.1 with market share 17.4%, followed by Dell 14.2%, HP 12.0%, Acer 11.7%, LG 11.5%, Lenovo 6.8%...

In Short, Samsung is LCD TV, Monitor, Netbook market leader and being 2nd as for Handphone. I see not reason why Samsung could be the handphone No. 1 market share leader in another 2 years!

Data from Display bank and Capital Security.


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