Monday, October 26, 2009

CFL Application

Some fact about CFLs Energy saving lamps.

The CFL claims to have a life time of 20,000 hours, actually it performs best after 100 hours as the chemical substance started to be full operational after the run in.

In general a CFL 5-6W lamp is equivalent to a 35 W Incandescent light bulb in term of light output. This is an important index to select the right brightness CFL for replacement.

Its light output would drop after running for 2,000 hours by approx. 5.2% and it continues drop it light intensity to about 19.3% after 22,000 hours.

This is some of studies of Choice magazine on a series of CFLs.

The rate of degrading depends on individuals brand and model. As for my experience some the lamp will degrade very fast and even no output after 2,000 hours and some even found not much change on the output (actually we can not tell unless we measure it) after 3 years, approx 10,000 hours.

From the report of Choice Magazine: Philips is not the best, however GE Edison Plus (HKD$35.00) and Osram (HKD$25.00) were rated highest score for best offering and best rated respectively.

We should not blame Hong Kong executive officer Ronald Tsang to promote the CFL by offering HKD$100 coupon for every family to purchase CFL.

The market is so competitive and we do not necessary go for one selected brand his relative is representing. The consumer are smart enough to choose amongs these, Philips, GE, Osram, Sylvania, Sunlight...etc
If I were Ronald, I would rather promote LED Replacement lamp instead of CFLs. Partly to supprot Greener product and also support the inductry going for more reliable and energy saving products.


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