Thursday, October 1, 2009

Samsung selected NXP PNX55120 Video Co-processor for their TVs

NXP Semiconductors announced that Samsung Electronics has selected the NXP PNX5120 video co-processor for its 240Hz LCD panels to empower TV OEMs` 240Hz Full HDTV on 3 September.

These panels, currently in mass production by Samsung Electronics, take advantage of NXP`s Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP2) technology and full motion compensated up-conversion to deliver high-definition action scenes that are smoother and more realistic than ever before. The 240Hz refresh rate is twice the speed of current 120Hz TV sets and quadruple that of standard HDTVs.

Samsung Electronics has been the leader in 240Hz panel manufacturing. 240Hz LCD panels showcase the enhanced HD viewing experience made possible by the PNX5120 and NXP MAPP2 technology.

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