Thursday, October 22, 2009

A full Line For Manufacturing HB LED

With 37 years experience in LED bonding solution provider to the LED manufacturers.

ASM is the ONLY company that can provide all solution in every process of LED Manufacturing at Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

This is the list of equipment that ASM can provide.
  • Die Sorting machine

  • Map Sorting machine

  • Die bonder (Directic Eutectic process, Flip Chip process TC or TS, Solder process, Epoxy process or Flux reflow process) for Top LED, side view, Reel to Reel, PCB base or Ceramic Panel of 4 " wide. Accuracy from +/-1 mil CpK 1.67 to at 8,000 UPH.

  • Snap Curing oven standalone or to be connected as in line with the Die bonder and Wire bonder

  • Gold ball Bonder "iHawkxtreme" as the world fastest Wire bonder on LED applications

  • Jetting Dispensing solution or Time Pressure Dispensing for Phosphor silicone on the bonded LED unit

  • IdealCompress Automatic Silicone Liquid Moulding machine

  • Automatic wafer level LED Silicone liquid moulding machine

  • Packaging LED testing, sorting and taping solution including Bowl feeder or Mylar film frame handling with auto loader, turret head for testing and output into Tape and reel solution of on Mylar. with integration Sphere or photo dedector, Vision Inspection on the cosmetic defect, capability to have full 2D matrix code traceability.

  • Package LED mapping sorter into 120 bin grades

  • Taping Machine with Picking up Package LED from mylar or feeding from bowl feeder into Tape and Reel.

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