Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LED Testing, Sorting and Taping Solution

For LED Package testing, Sorting and Taping solution suppliers are classified into a three major players; the Swiss, Japanese, Malaysian and Taiwanese with the first two being the higher end and last two the lower.

And in the recent three years there has been developed a lot new packages which are becoming smaller than 1mm. The testing and sorting machine has been becoming very competitive in price/performance. There are more and more players who has gained a lot of technical knowhow on the design and application of a rotory turret for these pick and place, Test and sort from Bowl feeder input to Bulk bin output as a standard machine design.

ASM, used to be a total solution supplier for the IC, Discrete and CIS (Camera Module Image Senor) provider has been tranformed the latest motion contro,l vision capability and innovative mechanical design with the pick and place process onto the Package LED solution and they have successfully cracked into the competitive market Taiwan.

Large Revenue was generated from the largest Taiwanese LED manufacturers.

The first generation machine thus by demonstarting their UPH/Cost of investment and High MTBA (Mean Time Between assistance).

Now ASM test Sort and taping machine would likely the faster machine in the Package LED arean.

Moreover, with their team of almost 1,000 R & D engineers in Hong Kong, Singapore and China., they would be likely launched the 2nd genersation of machine for handling the popular small foot print ceramic base LED with Silicone Dome Lens with Mylar frame as input and output in form of Tape and Reel. This is mostly welcome by major LED players as the solution can provide a good LED die Tracecability.

Other tapeing machine soltuion is to have a Non-turret Deisgn taping machine which can be true solution for Package LED with dome lens as Turret introduces a lot of Pick and Place process, thus creates inevitable scratches and damages on the LED Lens.

With the intensive learning from vast customer data base on various LED products, fast turn around time for new design evaluation, there will be a infallible New Testing, Sorting and taping products coming up soon!
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