Thursday, October 1, 2009

TV History and Road Map

I remember my first TV was dated in 1962. It was "Bush" made in the Britian, It was HKD$1100.00. That was about 4 Months salary of my Father! We have only one Channel " Rediffusion " English or Chinese for TV broadcasting corporation. And we have to pay for HKD$20.00 a month.

In 1967, The Colour TV era came with the launch of TVB Television Broadcast. Over the past 40 years, we have been using CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) as the TV set display which was invented in the 19 Century!

We can see not much breakthrough till 1995 for Plasma TV and PDP huge panel Display TV system. Now we all know it is time for the LCD TV with much faster response than some 6 years ago. And The latest technology is LED back Lit... with an end product of sleek slim design and thin profile of 5 mm in Thickness. that can be hung on wall. Power saving and have very high DCR Dynamic Contrast Ratio of up to 3 millions to one.

LED will be the main stream for backlit., and more advance video control will be designed for better video speed, colour and contrast... cost of TV will be lowered at less 15% a year udner the same size!

From now on, the new product development will come faster and have shorter life time.

What will be the new TV look like, instant You tube, net work connection, direct playback on all kinds of Video formats , or a hard disk to store up, auto recording on certain programme with newer system replacing G-code? Or built in Blue Ray players. Digital broadcast will be launched in 2012. So all the video can be manuplilated, stored and compressed and be inserted into your hand set, DPA phone for your vacation through Super Hi Speed new USB say tranceive 2 Movies in 4 seconds!


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