Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LED TV popularity is on the Up

Sony was the first company to launch a LED-backlit LCD TV and an edge-lit LED TV – the 40-inch Bravia KLV-40ZX1M. It plans to unveil a new ZX5 range later this year with a depth of just 15.8mm. Now Sony has assigedn Foxconn as OEM for Sony LCD TV.
So Sony, used to be highly engineering technology and design are now using Taiwan manufacturing facilities for their LED TV, is this one of the way to reduce the price gap between Samsung and Sony Itself or this is one way to regain the lost market!?

Samsung LED TV
LEDs are considered less toxic than CCFL backlights because they don't use any mercury in the manufacturing process. They're extremely efficient and produce more light per watt than a traditional incandescent bulb. Crucially, they also consume about 40 percent less power compared to a conventional LCD TV.

As Yoon Boo-Keun, the President and General Manager of Samsung's Visual Display Division pointed out at IFA 2009: "If every TV in the world switched to LED, we could save 13 million kilowatts of electricity – enough to supply all 39 million households in Germany."

Samsung is currently leading the LED charge with its 6, 7 and 8-series TVs. Its top-end, 46-inch UE46B8000 LED-backlit LCD TV is only 29.9mm thick.

LED is a stop-gap technology until OLED arrivesOLED is viewed as the natural successor to LCD. The organic material used in an OLED panel emits its own light when charged, so there's no need for a separate backlight LED. But still would take a few years for the yield and production process becoming profitable and mature for commercialization.


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