Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tosok Discontinues their Bonder Equipment Business

Tosok had a message distibution to their end customers on 28 September stated that
they will discontinue their semiconductor bonding equipment business on 30 Sep. Tosok quoted that the discontinuity of the semi-conductor business was Because of the industry slow down, machine unit price was decreasing and they do not see the forecast for more order in coming months. They will focus on their main business (Car industry and measuring equipment manufacturing).

All the staff in the semi-conductor business will transfer to other groups. They will lose 1.6B Yen (Around USD16M). They may maintain some service support a period of time!

So there might be having certain support issues for theose who are using Tosko Equipement. A lesson to our LED players is to select a financial sound company with good and strong back bone for Growth is one of the important factors to be identified as your long term business partners.
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