Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue is the new Green

Politics, enviornemental groups, Government have made much action on launching Blue Movement programme. Car marker is swiftly adapted with it.
Blue as traditional colour of sky and ocean are being used as a new terminology as environmentally-concerned products than Green.

German Car giants Mercedes-Benz introduced the Blue Movement to car three years ago with model E320 BlueTEC sedan. This E-class series is using Mercedes emission reduction AdBlue process. As this new eco process has since been broadly deployed on other models.

At Detroit car show, Volkswagen introduced to the public its two sweater BlueSport concept roadster, with a low-emission BlueMotion “clean diesel” technology.

A visually and mechanically enhanced seven-seat Audi Q7 range which for the first time incorporates an ultra-low emission, EU6-compliant TDI model opens for UK order this week and due to reach its first customers in July, the new range combines subtle styling revisions and improved equipment for SE and S line models with advanced energy recuperation technology that brings improved fuel economy and reduced emissions for all versions.

The most important advances benefiting the latest Q7 range are arguably to be found beneath the reworked body, where a new 3.0-litre TDI engine incorporating the world’s cleanest diesel technology uses an AdBlue additive to eradicate virtually all harmful nitrous oxides from emissions, and already meets stringent EU6 emissions applicable from 2014. This car has passed the transportation regulation in HK and had been allowed to run on road in HK as the first Diesel sedan car.

Hyundai used “Blue is the new green gadget to launch its Blue Drive hybrid technology in 2008. Its Sonata Line will offer Blue Drive as a petrol-electric full hybrid system. At Seoul Motor show this year, Hyundai unveiled the concept car as the up coming rival to Prius and Insight of Toyota and Honda respectively. This concept car is called “ blue-Will”.

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