Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sony, JVC and Panasonic TV

The manufacturers will be offering LED backlit LCD TVs that run on less power and have Internet connectivity. Sony is hopes to launch its new LED backlit TV this coming spring. Sony claims that the TV will offer the industry's lowest power consumption.

In fact Sony’s HCFL is consuming lesser power than his side lit LED TV. So this new BLU TV might have even lesser power consumption rating. That may be the industry’s lowest power LED LCD TV. The TV reportedly utilizes an efficient backlight and special filter that passes the light through more easily, most of the conventional LCD TV filter passes some what 15-20% of the light only.

Panasonic will offer a new lower power plasma TV that uses half the power of previous models. Even thought the Plasma TVs will not be as efficient as Sony's LED backlit LCD TVs.

JVC (Victor of Japan) also announced plans to release an LED backlit LCD TV in 2009. Victor Co. of Japan, or JVC, aims to release in 2009 an LCD TV with an LED backlight. LEDs are highly energy-efficient with a super light weight LCD screen deign, so this product is expected to use less power than conventional LCD TVs. But we do not have data see how it is lower power than Sony’s or not!?

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