Friday, September 18, 2009

Lumileds Altilon LED for Automobile lighting

LUXEON Altilon LEDs deliver a white light solution for automotive applications including High beam, low beam, Day light running lights, static bending lamps and position lamps. This is a true solid-stats lighting technology to be used on Automotive.

The LED has advantage faster response, 140 times faster than incandescent lamp which create additional 24 feet braking distance at 65mph. 15% power saving comparing incandescent lamps. A much longer life time. In fact this Altilon LED was developed for Audi R8 and then Q7 High and low beam Lightings.

Viewing from structure of Altilon from the Philips Website, that is a Lumileds Flip Chip Multichip technology bonding on ceramic substrates; apply a phosphor coating on the chip, and then using a Direct Eutectic machine to handle the gold tin Eutectic bonding on the metal snug. Then pass to an heavy Aluminum wire bonder to place the Aluminum ribbon connectors. This is a sophisticated and expensive bonding.

LUXEON Altilon Offers:
Over 850 lumens at 1000 mA and 60 MNits at 1000 mA
Lower forward lighting power load: 7.0W and 13.7W
Optimized to meet global cut-off specifications
Unobstructed access to emitting surface
Fiducials for optical and thermal alignment
130°C maximum case temperature: 1.5°K/W (1x4)
Optional space lug lead configuration
White color space conforms to both ECE and SAE specifications
AEC-Q101 Qualified

Obvious they are able to be sold as discrete products and to the light fixture assembler for making Light modules for various Automobile. I am interesting to know if that is an upgrade kit available for my car and how much!?

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