Friday, September 4, 2009

Why there is such a trend for Standard UHBLED footprint 3mmx3mm?

Due to the market need for smaller package LED with more power emission, there is a trend of smaller packages that comes with 3mm x3 mm ceramic base UHBLED of more than 1 W in the market.
Rebel, XRE, XP and Oslon and more to come in months from these big player Lumileds, Cree and Osram.

The key advantages are that they can put more LEDs in a smaller area to emit more light.

They can have a comparatively smaller optic or smaller light guide for these light rays to emit.

They can have tape and reel format on these product for SMT mounting.

Final fixture can have more power with Multi-LED configuration especially for Illumination.

They can use automatic Surface mount machine for board level insertion.

The smaller Footprint will use less material and good for cost down on the LEDs Price!
The Huge K2 Type of LED will soon be phased out.

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