Sunday, September 6, 2009

Map Sorting of Package LEDs onto frames

ASM MS899DLA is a high speed map sorter machine especially designed for handling ceramic based LED with dome lens. Input is a cassette of film frame carrying the package LED on the film frame.
The reason is that the LED has to have tracebility up to die level, if that is not placed on mylar in a mapped format, there is no way to trace the LED to the die batch form the Wafer.

The up stream process is either a Panel tester using Integration sphere or a Package LED tester AS899 (ASM’s).

MS899DLA is a fully automatic map sorter machine with Auto cassette handler and max.
120 Bin grade of film frame each represent one specified Bin grade of binned LEDs.

There is a wafer bar code reader to read the lot bar codes or using 2D matrix code camera to read, identify and pull pout the right wafer map from the network for the film frame in process.
The UPH is typically 4,200 for 3mm x3 mm package LED with dome lens.

The Collet is designed not to have any contact on the surface of the dome to minimize scratches.
Typical Cycle time is 430ms for 3 mm x 3mm x 1.6 mm LEDs.

This machine is commonly used for many LED Big players for sorting out their package LED onto 100 bin grades.

Downwards process is to pass the binned wafer on Taping machine LPT08 for putting the package LED onto tape and reel.

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