Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hisense- China First LED Backlit LCD TV

Hisense is China's first company to manufacture the LED (backlight) LCD TV.

Hisense has been actively expanding its LED backlight module production line extensively. This company has itw own R&D centre and resources to maintain the centre. From the point manufacturability and Technology level Hisense is havingm this may be one of the most powrrful LVD TV Manufacturing house in China.

To pursue for more revenue with the Samsung LG in Korea and Toshiba in Japan. And of course the Visio in Taiwan.

On July 9, Hisense’s leading Chinese flat panel TV producer unveiled the world’s thinnest 42 inch LED (light-emitting diode) TV. The 55mm thick TLM42T08GP, which has been put into mass production, uses auto background light control to improve display quality.

Starting from August 1st in more than 100 major cities and 8,000 home appliance stores, Hisense launched a large-scale promotional campaign called "consumers buying Hisense blue media LED get a 1,000 Yuan return", which aims at further expanding Hisense’s market share.