Thursday, September 17, 2009

LCD TV Thickness Competition is ON

Sony had launched 9.99 mm thick LCD TV.

Then in Jan 2009, Samsung launched the 7 mm thick LCD TV at CES 2009 show.

Now Konka has a new challenge to these World biggest LCD TV manufacturers, it had announced a 6.99 mm thick LCD TV. This is a lab concept protype, it may take some time to be released into the market, Besides, they have 55” LCD TV that is also lit up by LED as the Back lit, with thickness of 19.9 mm.

Konka had invested with RMB 900 Millions LCD Panel factory at Khunshan, It will have a capacity of 400 Millions unit a year. This is the fundamental set-up of a China manufacturer for LED back lit TV. There will be more Chinese LCD TV markers to come such as Skyworth, Hi sense, etc…

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