Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phase out of incandescent light bulbs in EU

As of September 1, 2009, the phase out of incandescent light bulbs is officially underway in the European Union with a ban on the sale and importation of 100 W and higher bulbs.

The European Energy Commission stated that the banned lamps will not be removed from shop shelves on September 1, and that the retailers are allowed to sell their existing stock of incandescent 100 W bulbs.

The EU plans to gradually phase out conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs from the market by the end of 2012. Compact fluorescent bulbs and LEDs are the two main alternatives.

The legal limitation on import of the bulbs will generate a black market and smuggling operation to bring them in. It will also create a huge surge in sales legally as people stock up on high wattage bulbs of 100W. till the embargo goes into effect. There is already a big sales for the Incandescent light bulbas people started to Collect it for memorial purpose and for reserve usage. They should stick to encouraging development instead of mandating it.

In fact the world two largest LED makers Osram and Philips has the biggest market share for conventional incandescent Light bulbs, every year, they are closing their factories and probably in 5 years time, the LED light bulb will be the major product in lighting comparing with Incandescent light bulb. However the speed of such migration of LED into the lighting industry are depending on these big players : Nichia, Osram, Lumileds, Cree, Seoul Semi, Everlight...Etc.
Who are more or less in controling of the prices and amount of the High Performance HBLED.

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