Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sony to sell his TV plant to Foxconn

Reported on 1 Sep 2009, Sony Corp. has agreed to sell its main television factory in North America to a Foxconn as it struggles to cut costs and stem massive losses. Sony will sell 90 percent of its stake in Sony Baja California, which is located in Tijuana .

Foxconn is World No.1 EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) with Revenue of 61.8B in 2008 with CAGR of >50% since 1998. Foxconn is the only company consistently ranked among top ten in the Business Week IT100 since 2002.
Flextronics is the 2nd largest EMS company in the world.

Who knows if one day Foxconn will head up with direct competition with Flextronics for LED TV in the Market. Flextronics had just been appointed by LG for manufacturing their 19", 22" 26", 32" and 37" TV.

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