Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sylvania LED for Car Tail Light

Sylvania Special LED Design

Standard tail light system with red and amber lenses.
The same tail light system redesigned to use the LED bulb.
The assembly is colorless in the unlit state.

When lit, the LED bulb generates the required signal function color.

SYLVANIA has introduced an innovative new standardized automotive light source. The LED bulb is designed for use in reflectors systems designed for it. It cannot be used as a direct replacement for current incandescent signal, brake, or reverse light applications.

The LED can ahve the following design features:

1.Creates new styling opportunities for lit and unlit condition, including high-tech, clear lens, no color, no lamp inside appearance
2. Different optical solutions possible via different reflector designs
3. Dual Intensity operation: Brake / turn functions plus running light

4. Faster rise time - approximately 140 times faster than incandescent sources: creates an additional 24 feet of stopping distance at 65 mph
5. Draws only 15% of the energy required to power an incandescent bulb: 4.3W compared to 27W

OSRAM SYLVANIA focuses on developing the most advanced LED modules and drivers available and supplying them to their OEM customers. They use Osram LED on their fixtures.

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