Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Litefast 360 degrees Display

Litefast 360° displays are multi-functional multimedia LED displays for advertising, digital signage, real-time information and entertainment. Not least because of their eye-catching shape Litefast 360° displays are out-of-the-ordinary presentation objects in themselves.
They start up at the click of a mouse and communicate all kinds of multimedia information in an exciting presentation format.. The cylindrical display can be viewed from all sides, attracting three times as many visitors, customers and guests as a conventional flat screen. Poster areas protected by acrylic glass provide room for print advertising or for harmonising the Litefast 360° display to its surroundings. As a result Litefast 360° displays offer considerably more than the usual LCD or plasma flatscreens. Best for Airport, Restaurant, Cinema, bus and MTR Station for commercial display.
Kinoton GmbH was founded in Munich to service local cinemas. Just one year later, Philips entrusted the young company with the German sales rights for their then very popular, state-of-the-art cinema projectors. Hans-Peter Zoller was involved right from the beginning, as an employee at first . Ten years later he and his wife gained full ownership of the company.

From 1955 on, Kinoton's own sales and service offices were opened throughout Germany. In the early 60's, projection equipment, switchboards and curtain machines were produced in a small workshop in downtown Munich. This was the decade when Kinoton developed the platter system, which revolutionized the cinema industry and won Kinoton their first Academy Scientific and Engineering Award.

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