Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bright Light Tomorrow Lighting Prize $10M!

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has its first submission for the Bright Light Tomorrow Lighting Prize (ref L Prize) for an LED-based replacement lamp of the standard 60W A-19 "Edison" light bulb.

Consumer manufacturing giant Royal Philips Electronics has made the submission in an effort to access a share of the $10M worth or prize money that has been authorized, as well as to gain access to lucrative US government procurement opportunities.

A number of energy efficiency organizations and public utilities are involved in the extensive qualification processes, which include the DOE's laboratory-based measurements as well as durability and field testing that will evaluate additional subjective criteria garnered from real-world experience.

You may be able register and to participate with this challenging programme with your LED De sign and manufcaturing with some of the requiremnt met:

1. The LED Solid state lighting lamp has to have a minimum 75% efficency for converting the electroical to optical energy

2. The LED mauts have more than 75% f the process of assembly to be done in USA

3. The manufcaturing of the LED has to be in the territories of USA!

4. In addition, winners will need to provide evidence that "they are fully prepared to being production at a capacity that exceeds 250,000 units per year for the first year of production." (ref L-Prize submission criteria).

5. Submission of 2,000 units

If you are confident to achieve the about terms and requirement, go and start to pursue this price of US$10,000,000.00!

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